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Children Learning

Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it at all.” (Mark 10:14 –15)

CLICK (Children Learning In Christ’s Kingdom) is the name for the GMBC Children’s Ministry. The name represents how children who are babes in Christ will learn about Christ and His Kingdom. The children will learn to unlock the truths to the Kingdom, learn about the Bible and how it applies to their daily lives. The Bible will live through planned activities brought out in the classroom.  

To ensure that each child feels safe, loved, and nurtured in an environment which fosters physical, spiritual, and developmental growth.  To have children develop positive relationships with their peers and leaders through fellowship and Christian learning experiences.

Goals of the Ministry
•    Develop Training Module
•    Develop Safety Plan
•    Develop Parent Council
•    Expand beyond Wednesday and Sunday Care
•    Plan Outings and Fellowship for children
•    Develop Marketing Plan
•    Develop Evangelism Plan
•    Outreach Opportunities

Define Roles and Responsibilities of Ministry
•    Children’s Church Coordinator
-    Coordinates all CLICK Ministry activities and functions that involve children K-5  
-    Works with various ministries to coordinate K-5 activities.
-    Trains volunteers and assistants
-    Conducts monthly staff meetings
•    Parent/Volunteer Coordinator
-    Coordinates Parent Volunteers to assist in areas of need

Safety Plan
To promote an environment where children feel safe, loved and nurtured.  Parents are assured that their children are left in the care of loving and caring staff.

There are several areas within the Ministry that will aid in developing an effective safety plan.

1. Develop a plan for communication:
•   Walkie Talkies
•   Pagers for parents during service
•   Security Team within the Ministry
•   Telephone
•   Utilize projection system to flash announcements

2. Revise Health History/Information Form
•   Forms must include allergy information
•   Forms must include food restrictions.   Ex…no pork, red juice.    
•   Forms must include emergency contact information

3. Sick/Illness Policy
•   If a child is sick and exhibits symptoms of illness then a parent must be notified
•   The child must be separated from the other children to prevent spread of illness.

4. Emergency
•   First Aid/CPR kit in all areas where children commune
•   Accident Forms available for staff to complete if needed
•   All staff  will be CPR/First Aid certified/volunteers

5. Develop a background check system
•   Police report for potential volunteers (at expense of volunteer).  Many organizations utilize this method of screening those who work with children.

Arrival and Departure
Children’s Church is now operating on an abbreviated schedule. Services are currently available on the 3rd Sunday.

Upon arrival each child must be signed in by a parent/guardian.  The parent must see a Children’s Church attendant to sign child in. The child must not simply be dropped off without proper notification.  If there is not a health questionnaire on file for the child then one must be completed before the child is left in Children’s Church.

Children in the care of Children’s Church attendants must be signed out by parent/guardian. Children will not be released to siblings.  

Hours of Operation:
•    CLICK Church Care will be provided for children K-5 during the 10:45AM Worship Service until the end of the church service
•    Hours may be adjusted if there is a change to service times
•    Special events or other ministries may request services by making a request with the CLICK’s Ministry Coordinator
•    CLICK Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM

Staff/Volunteer Schedule
•    Staff must be in place and ready for the children at least 10 minutes before children’s arrival.
•    If staff or volunteer is unable to keep his/her schedule it is their responsibility to find a replacement or contact CLICK Ministry Coordinator so preparation can be made to have adequate staffing.

Parent Council
Parents are the first teacher’s in a child’s life. The CLICK Ministry fully understands the concept that it takes a village to raise a child and it is on this premise that we desire to form a partnership between parent, child, and church. The purpose of the Parent Council is to enlist help from the parent’s whose children are a part of the CLICK Ministry and those who wish to partner with the Ministry.  It is our focus to involve the parents in every aspect of ministry from planning, to assisting with carrying out activities.  It is the goal of the CLICK Ministry to help the children grow spiritually and what better way than to partner with parents, who also help to mold and shape the children into servants for Christ.  

Duties of the Parent Council
1.    Help plan and implement activities for the Ministry
2.    Help chaperon during outings and other Ministry activities as needed
3.    Aid in recruiting effort for the Ministry
4.    Focus group to help market the Ministry

Preparation for Expansion
As this Ministry continues to grow, the need for more services will also grow. Our goal for this Ministry is to continue to grow numerically, but also spiritually. CLICK Bible Study is offered on Wednesday nights at 6:30PM. Children’s Worship Service is on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  

Opportunities for Children
•    CLICK
•    Children’s Choir
•    Children’s Dance
•    Children’s Ushers
•    Boy Scouts
•    Girl Scouts
•    Sunday School
•    Academic Enrichment Summer Camp
•    Children’s Bible Study
•    Children’s Step Team
•    Children’s Mime Team
•    Children’s Conference

“Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”   Mark 10:14