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College Central

The Beginning…


College Central began in Spring 2012 under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Nathan Scovens Pastor of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church. Upon arriving to Winston-Salem, Pastor Scoven’s envisioned a powerful ministry that would impact the lives of college students in the city of Winston Salem and the Triad area. Thus, he presented his charge to a receptive staff and the rest goes down in HISTORY!!!!!! College Central ministry is led by coordinator Yolonda Childs a member of GMBC. Yolonda’s goal is to continue to impact the lives of young adults attending two of the largest institutions in Winston Salem, Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem State University, as well as Forsyth Technical Community College and Salem College. Currently there are approximately 30-50 college students in attendance on Sunday mornings for an unbelievable worship and fellowship experience!


Ministry Offerings




College Students Connecting with SWAGG (Solders Worshipping According To God’s Glory).


My Peeps is a program that serves young people through mentorship, tutorial and coaching of various athletics abilities and/or daily skills that will enable them to become productive students, citizens and most importantly, future leaders. My Peeps will assist the Leadership Academy and SWAGG at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church with selected tasks such as college cam-pus tours, speaking engagements and community services projects.


“A Tribe Called Purpose” is a weekly bible study that will take place on Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm at GMBC and on the campus of Winston-Salem State University. This bible study is open to all college students and young adults ages 18-26. We invite all to come and discover YOUR PURPOSE! The bible studies are taught by college graduates and bible scholars. Come one, come all and be blessed by the Word of God!


Need A Ride?


Shuttle service arrives on the campus of Winston- Salem State University at 10:15 AM and Wake Forest University at 10:00 AM every Sunday and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM for Bible Study when hosted at GMBC (otherwise held on the campus of WSSU).


Note: The shuttle will depart from GMBC immediately after worship service unless refreshments and/or meal are served (TBA). Please contact the church office directly or email the College Central Coordinator if you have an organization that would like to visit and/or would like to utilize the shuttle service departing from WSSU or WFU.