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Worship & Arts

Worship and Arts Ministry
See the potential in music, dance, mine and drama!

Worship the LORD with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.  Psalm 100:2 (NIV)

Thank you for visiting our Worship and Arts Ministry page. We are excited about what God is doing through the Worship and Arts and praise Him that He may be leading you to be a part of it.

“Over the years I've often thanked God for the privilege of serving Him in the music and worship ministry. God has richly blessed us with faithful and talented team members. Week in and week out through the power of the Holy Spirit, these dear people help to create environments that enable people to engage with God.

From weekly worship services to concerts, special programming and productions, the opportunities for participation are year-round and could prove to be life changing!”

Willie J. Mason
Minister of Worship and Arts
(336) 451-4756

The Worship and Arts Ministry of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church is committed to promoting the worship of God in spirit (reverence, attentiveness, right purpose of honoring God) and in truth (God’s word) through the arts.  It is our goal to inspire, encourage, train, and direct those whom God has called into the worship ministry with a spirit of service and excellence.

Our worship is focused on the following:
• Glorify
• Honor
• Praise
• Exalt

Getting Involved:
The goal of the Worship and Arts Ministry is to inspire and train Galilee Missionary Baptist Church members, whom God has called into ministry, to pursue excellence in performance with an attitude of humility, purity, sensitivity and strength. This being the case, our priority is to mentor and encourage all who consider Galilee their home.

If you are an instrumentalist, vocalist, actor, dancer, writer, or if you enjoy working behind-the-scenes in a production ministry such as audio, video, lighting, staging, set building or if you have a passion for the worship and arts ministry… we need you!  We have a space and will align you in a ministry where you can serve God with your gifts and talents.

The Worship and Arts Ministry Department consists of the following:
Praise Team, Choirs, Liturgical Dance, Mime, Drama

The Worship and Arts Cabinet:
The Worship and Arts Cabinet is designed to groom ministry leaders and help individuals work collaboratively in a diverse organizational setting.  Enhancing communication skills, learning to assign tasks and developing team-building skills are important elements of this goal. Additionally, better understanding of one’s self (e.g., learning style, values, aspirations, etc.) and learning to submit to the Spirit of God under stressful circumstances are the keys to the development of effective leaders. These actions are the central themes of meetings which are held monthly.

• Willie J. Mason, Minister of Worship and Arts
• Byron Powell, Music Director
• Pia Diggs, Liturgical Dance Coordinator
• Tonia Walker, Mime Ministry Coordinator

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church is blessed to have the Worship and Arts ministry as a vital part of the overall ministry of the church.  The Worship and Arts ministry provides opportunity for lay members of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church to serve and grow.  Our focus in this ministry is to provide opportunities for seasonal worship collaboration of all of our ministry teams.

Well then, what shall I do? I will pray in the spirit, and I will also pray in words I understand. I will sing in the spirit, and I will also sing in words I understand.  
(1 Corinthians 14:15, NLT)


Membership on the worship team is a privilege, not a right. The purpose of the worship team members is not to showcase their talents or to draw attention to themselves, in any way; rather, it is to unselfishly and inconspicuously direct the hearts of those they are leading toward God in worship.

The praise team is a group of committed singers who assist the worship leader every week. Members must have vocal skill and a heart for worship. Interviews and vocal placements are required. A prerequisite for being in the worship team is being a dedicated and active member of the church’s main choir.

The worship team ministers in both worship services on Sunday. They are required to accompany the pastor and church in outside worship engagements. In some instances, as designated by the Minister of Worship and Arts, the worship team will accompany the pastor and provide music.


The worship band consists of “gifted”, “spiritual”, “humble” and “anointed” instrumentalists who are the main “upfront” team to lead congregational worship on Sunday mornings and for special worship services. It is important that current members and new applicants have strong musical proficiency playing an instrument since is the “face” of worship at Galilee each Sunday.

The worship band performs music for services in the church, including functions such as weddings and funerals and special events as outlined by the Pastor’s administrative executive team. Under the leadership of the Music Director, they plan out what music to play and spend considerable time practicing. Musicians may be called upon to accompany the Pastor to engagements both locally and nationally.

The Music Director schedules regular musician rehearsals to prepare for worship services and other special events


Byron Powell: Organ/Keyboard
Ryan Herbi: Percussion
Levonzy James: Congas/Percussion
Brandon Jenkins: Organ/Keyboard
Tommy McMasters: Bass Guitar
Ronald Sadler: Lead Guitar

If you are an active member of Galilee Baptist Church and have a desire to share your musical gift, please contact Willie Mason. In our ministry vision, we would like to include, horns, strings and other musical instruments to enhance the music ministry of our church.

The choir is a wonderful opportunity to inspire worship and glorify God in a chorus of voices. It is a wonderful application of 1st Corinthians 12 as the many parts join together to form one beautiful sound.

There are various aspects of being a choir member – most importantly, with dedication, choir members, even though volunteers, should be able to commit to the rules and accompanying responsibilities in attending rehearsals on a consistent basis.


This choir serves as the main choir of the church and is open to all members of the church. The Voices of Galilee shares in music ministry on the 1s, 4th and 5th Sundays. This choir accompanies Pastor Scovens in outside ministry engagement and as designated for special events. Rehearsals are every Tuesday before the 1st and 4th Sundays at 7 p.m., and designated Saturdays.

Our children's choirs are designed for children to express their faith through a musical experience! Choirs shares in our worship on the 2nd Sunday morning, Christmas productions and youth services. Membership to the choir is open to grades 1-6, and they meet on Sunday mornings in the children’s room. Children’s Choir participants will be released from the sanctuary by the Worship Leader for their rehearsals. Children will receive Biblical instruction/education as a part of the rehearsal. The choir can become an integral part of your child's Christian education! Choir is also an exciting opportunity for children to experience serving in a ministry. For more information, please contact Dawn Redd or Wyvondalyn Scovens at the church office.

The Male Chorus is comprised of Galilee men who enjoy lifting up the name of Jesus. The group shares in music ministry on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Rehearsals are held at 9 a.m., on first two Saturdays prior to the 3rd Sunday.

This choir provides a genre of music that enhances the worship experience during the devotional and praise service. Rehearsals are held on the Saturday before the 3rd Sunday at 1 p.m. For more information contact Deacon James “Jimmy” Diggs at
SWAGG (Soldiers Worshiping According to God’s Glory) TEEN CHOIR

The SWAGG Teen Choir provides an opportunity for the young people (ages 12-18) to worship God in music ministry. The SWAGG Teen Choir shares in music ministry on the 4th Sundays. Rehearsals are held on the Saturday before the 2nd Sunday at 11 a.m.


Psalm 149:3 "Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the tumbrel and harp.”

The Dance Ministry of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church is comprised of purpose driven individuals who have been called to praise the Lord through music and dance. The humble praisers and worshippers offer themselves as a living example of genuine and authentic praise; Christ is glorified when they leap for joy, are moved by the spirit, and dance like David danced.

The Dance Ministry of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church practices on Monday nights from 6:15 p.m. until 9:45 p.m. The dance ministry ministers during praise and worship and renders sacred dance selections on the 4th Sunday or as designated.

If you would like to be part of a new opportunity to lift our praises through dance, please contact Pia Diggs at or (336)


The drama team is a group of talented actors, writers, and directors. They enhance our worship experience and enlighten us through sermon illustrations, and short sketches.


You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

Mime ministry involves drastic movements, facial expressions, and hand signs to depict God’s Word, God’s will, life’s struggles and accomplishments. The responsibility of every mime is to bring the word of God to life with great intensity and divine excellence! Ministering Mime is interpreting gospel music, using illustrations and non-verbal methods to allow the congregation to understand what you are doing, just like Ezekiel demonstrated in the Old Testament.

If you would like to be part of a new opportunity to lift our praises through dance, please contact Tonia Walker at or (336) 414-9400.


7 p.m., every Tuesday before the 1st & 4th Sundays
And as designated.

Location: Sanctuary

9 a.m. - First two Saturdays prior to the 3rd Sunday

Location: Choir Room

Kids (Ages 5-8, Grades K-3) 6:00-7:15 p.m.
Tweeners (Ages 6-12, Grades 4-7) 6:30-7:45 p.m.
Teens (Ages 13-18, Grades 8-12) 7:15 – 8:30 p.m.
Young Adults (Ages 18-30+) 8:30-9:45 p.m.
Adults (30+ ) 7:15-8:30 p.m.

Location: TBD

Thursday(s) at 7 p.m.

Location: Classroom

Tuesday - 8:15 – 9:00 p.m.

Location: Sanctuary

The praise team will also meet between the 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. service.

1st Sunday

Location: Children’s Room

Saturday at 11 a.m., before the 2nd Sunday.

Location: Sanctuary/Choir Room
Saturday at 1 p.m., before the 3rd Sunday.

Location: Choir Room

As leaders, members must dress properly. Realizing that outward appearance is not judged by God, we affirm that others may be offended by improper attire. ". . . if eating meat offends my brother, I will eat no meat. . ." (I Corinthians 8:13).  Consequently, members are encouraged to be neat, clean, and appropriately dressed for all services. Let's go into the Lord's presence with respect. "All the Levites who were musicians . . . stood on the east side of the altar, dressed in fine linens . . . " (2 Chronicles 5:12).  

In order to make clothing decisions easier for you and to unify the look of the team, we will schedule a dress code on a monthly basis.  The Minister of Worship and Arts will designate colors for that given month.  As a general rule, no jeans, tee shirts, sneakers. The overall style is church attire which includes the following:

• Men– suits, dress slacks/shoes and nice shirt.
• Women– dresses, dress jacket skirt, dress shoes/boots. Remember that modesty is the best policy. Nothing too tight, too short (above the knee) or revealing.  If you have a question, it's usually best to not wear it.

As a member of the Worship and Arts Department of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, I commit to the following:

• The pursuit of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
• Living a lifestyle of Christian integrity both publicly and privately before our Lord, knowing that involvement in this public music ministry places me in a position of representing our Lord and His Church.
• Consistent devotion to God resulting in an authentic lifestyle of private and public worship, knowing that my private worship sets the tone to help me lead the church in worship.
• Upholding an uncompromising standard of moral and spiritual integrity. Study and Tithe!

• Active involvement in the ministry of our church by faithfully attending services and sitting under the preaching of the Word.
• Upholding and supporting the mission of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.
• Upholding and supporting the God-called leadership of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.
• Study and Tithe!

• Contributing to a positive spirit and Christ-honoring attitude in the group.
• Preserving the unity of the body by not participating in gossip or negative conversation.
• Faithful attendance at rehearsals and to my leadership responsibilities as a choir/dance/mime/musician member at ECTI and other music ministry events, including  any other all-church worship events which we have been asked to lead.
• An understanding that consistent absences will call into question my ability to participate and that if I have specific concerns or situations, I will notify the worship and arts office.
• An understanding that if I will be absent from rehearsal or on a particular Sunday, it is my responsibility to let your respective ministry leader know.
• Being on time and focused at all rehearsals is critical to each ministry team’s effectiveness and success.
These points of commitment are meant to bring clarity and help manage expectations. Remember, we live by grace. We might find that some of the above expectations are simply not realistic or practical and may need to be adjusted. In the meantime, thanks for understanding and doing your best to be a team player in this ministry.

Contact the Worship and Arts Music Office for more information about any of our ministries.
Phone: (336) 724-3857, ext. 18