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Church History


AN ILLUSTRIOUS PAST - 1954 thru 2010


•  On April 25, 1954 a group of saints met in the home of Sister Cora Montgomery to band themselves together as a church.


•  On June 14, 1954 the Ministers Conference of Winston-Salem officially organized the group as a Missionary Baptist Church.


•  Two members, Mother Janie Craig and Brother Hosea Williams (unaware of the other's choice), recommended the name Galilee for the Church.


•  Rev. E. G. Williams was called as the first pastor.


•  Rev. Fred Chavis was called as the second pastor. He suffered a stroke the Friday prior to taking the pulpit on Sunday and the illness ended his pastoral assignment.


•  Dr. W.C. Hay, the third pastor, was called to shepherd a congregation of sixty-three on the second Sunday in March 1960. He pastored Galilee for thirty two years before retiring.


•  The leadership of Dr. Hay led to the building of the main floor and chapel of the present edifice. Galilee was the first Church to use bonds for building purposes.


•  Galilee was the first Black Church to have 11:00am worship services televised on WXII.


•  The Church suffered two major set-backs. The interior of the sanctuary was destroyed by fire. Galilee held services at Clark S. Brown Funeral home until it was rebuilt. The City of Winston-Salem decided to close Locust Street which the church faced. Rather than move to another location, the front of the Church became the back and the back of the Church became the front, now facing Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.


•  On January 2, 1994, Rev. Robert L. McGowens became the fourth pastor. He pastored Galilee for eleven years during which his vision of a new edifice birthed a campaign which raised over a million dollars. During his pastorate, Galilee received incorporation status.


•  A ground breaking Ceremony was held on May 30, 2010 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive location.


•  On April 1, 2007, Dr. Nathan E. Scovens became the fifth pastor of Galilee. Under his pastorate, Galilee entered an era of prayer, fasting and increase.


•  Galilee embraced his vision to relocate the Church. Twenty-seven acres of land (with 3 townhouse apartments, 4 duplex apartments and an administrative building and 1 home) was purchased on Northampton Drive and a Land Dedication Service was held in March 2008.


•  Construction began on the new edifice on Northampton Drive in January 2010.


•  Members participated in a Beam Signing Ceremony on April 25, 2010. The beam was placed in the right corner of the new edifice. Members donated Bibles to be placed under the floor.


•  Galilee's history continues to be written as we serve Him who continually blesses and showers us with Grace and Mercy.