CHOSEN Mission

“Strengthening relationships, Creating outlets, Glorifying God …by any means necessary”

CHOSEN Purpose

Our desire is to get young adults to come together in order to EMPOWER and STRENGTHEN one another. Having an outlet to openly express themselves, while maintaining our goal to glorify God and bring souls to Christ. It is important that we integrate our faith into our personal lives as we go through life’s many transitions. We seek to stay driven by our purpose in which God has given us.

“Mission Accomplished”

The Mission Accomplished segment of CHOSEN is designed for young adults to participate in in-church and out-reach programs or gatherings. These programs specifically cater to our mission statement, and allows young adults experience in out-reach activities that will help them grow spiritually, as well as change the lives of others. 

“City Life”

CHOSEN presents City Life! This is the time where young adults come together to enjoy one another outside of the church in varies activities such as bowling, skating, movie night, laser tag, and the list goes on! Join us every 4th Sunday, after church for a new and fun experience you will not want to miss.


“You were given THIS LIFE because you are STRONG ENOUGH to live it”.


Contact Information

Sonmonyiaca McKoy
CHOSEN Coordinator of Internal Affairs
(336) 575-8673

Stacey Moore
CHOSEN Coordinator of Worship & Arts and Design
(336) 409-1832

Ashley Penn
CHOSEN Administrative Coordinator
(336) 831-4217


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