Deticia Rucker
I am asking for prayers for the Rucker family. It seems like so many things are going wrong for many of us at one time. I ask for strength, patience and courage as we face our daily attacks.

We continue to have Faith in our LORD at all times.

Deticia Rucker
I am requesting prayers for the Kane family. Their mother is having some serious health related issues. They also lost a young family member recently. I don't know them personally but understand the grief and the being upset with not getting any answers about their Mom.
My prayer is that I am about Jesus business every day , I pray he orders my steps, my thoughts my direction, I pray that if He call me home today He will find me serving him doing as He has ordered me to do. I pray for humility and a humble heart, never forgetting that He that lives in me is greater than He that lives in the world. We worry about the worry things. The mission was never about earthly things it was only about saving souls.
Pray for my husband’s relationship with our oldest son, Tres. Pray for Tres to understand more about Your goodness and discover true love for You.
I am praying for a new career with a financial increase. I am also praying for my marriage and physical and emotional healing.
I just want to give God The Glory. He knows my name and is so faithful. Both Sermons that were presented today by Guest Speaker Dr. Wesley were so inspiring and spirit filled. God Bless Him and all of our Galilee Church Family in the Name Of Jesus. Thank You Lord.
Devin Goins
I am asking a prayer of healing for my grandmother who is having a problem with glaucoma an cataracts to the point where she is almost completely blind. She is home alone while I am here for college.
Pray for marriages, the foundation of our community!
I am asking for good health, financial increase, new doors opening and many blessings to come.
Just a prayer to help me get back into the house of worship. I have been struggling with a spirit.
Please pray for the GMBC and all college students who have left or will be leaving home soon. Pray that God will protect and lead them to do his work while pursuing an education.
Pray for a healing for my father who has prostate cancer. God is a healer!!
Prayer for our Pastor
Pray with me for a new career with a financial increase and benefits, a safe affordable place to downsize from my present home.
Michelle Perry
I am asking for prayer for myself Total healing for my body mind and soul . I had surgery about a month ago.Three disc to ruptured in my back.

Also my pray my Aunt Carolyn Jones for total healing. She's in Duke Hospital. Thank you God bless!

Pray for the GMBC church family!
Sonya Fletcher
I am asking for prayers because a lot of things are going on right now and I am praying for myself but I'm just asking God to help me through this battle. I am asking for strength in my mind, my heart and my soul. I know that God is my help and he hears my prayers and that he will give me the peace that surpasses all of my understanding. I am trusting and acknowledging him so he can direct my path and leaning not to my own understandings. I have to step back and let God do it, fix it so that I can have the Victory!!! Thank You in advance and To God Be The Glory For The Things That He Has And Is Doing... And As You Pastor Scoven would say "It's Getting Ready To Happen"
August 3rd scheduled surgery for Eagle Syndrome. God Guide the hand, heart and mind of All parties involved. Grant that I may heal completely and without complications. Bless the people you've already ordained to help me. And please grant my son in prison peace that it is well with my soul. Protect he and my other son from dangers seen and unseen. Hover over my finances. Orchestrate increase to flow from the NSEW. In Jesus name.

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