As a member of the Worship and Arts Department of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, we commit to the following:


  • The pursuit of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Living a lifestyle of Christian integrity both publicly and privately before our Lord, knowing that involvement in this public music ministry places me in a position of representing our Lord and His Church.
  • Consistent devotion to God resulting in an authentic lifestyle of private and public worship, knowing that my private worship sets the tone to help me lead the church in worship.
  • Upholding an uncompromising standard of moral and spiritual integrity. Study and Tithe!


  • Active involvement in the ministry of our church by faithfully attending services and sitting under the preaching of the Word.
  • Upholding and supporting the mission of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.
  • Upholding and supporting the God-called leadership of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.
  • Study and Tithe!


  • Contributing to a positive spirit and Christ-honoring attitude in the group.
  • Preserving the unity of the body by not participating in gossip or negative conversation.
  • Faithful attendance at rehearsals and to my leadership responsibilities as a choir/dance/mime/musician member at ECTI and other music ministry events, including any other all-church worship events which we have been asked to lead.
  • An understanding that consistent absences will call into question my ability to participate and that if I have specific concerns or situations, I will notify the worship and arts office.
  • An understanding that if I will be absent from rehearsal or on a particular Sunday, it is my responsibility to let your respective ministry leader know.
  • Being on time and focused at all rehearsals is critical to each ministry team’s effectiveness and success.

These points of commitment are meant to bring clarity and help manage expectations. Remember, we live by grace. We might find that some of the above expectations are simply not realistic or practical and may need to be adjusted. In the meantime, thanks for understanding and doing your best to be a team player in this ministry.


Contact the Worship and Arts Music Office for more information about any of our ministries.

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