First Lady Scovens

Lady Scovens, a native of Garysburg, North Carolina is the first and only daughter of three children born to Dr. and Mrs. Willie James Gilchrist.  She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Elizabeth City State University.  Upon graduating from college, she began her career in Corporate America with AT&T Corporation and proceeded to further her studies by attending High Point University, graduating with a Master of Business Administration.  She worked in Corporate America for a number of years with an extensive background in Accounting, Finance, and Contracting.  However, to fulfil her inner-passion and desire since childhood, she changed careers by pursing a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Winston-Salem State University and ultimately becoming a Registered Nurse.  She is the wife of Rev. Dr. Nathan E. Scovens and the proud and dedicated mother of two handsome sons, Nathan Edward II and Joshua Kaleb.  Lady Scovens enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, singing, and encouraging and inspiring others.

Lady Scovens believes that all that we do should be done out of our love for Christ and for the upbuilding of His kingdom.  It is with this belief that she constantly strives to please God throughout her Christian walk.  Lady Scovens is a virtuous woman of God  that strives to be a beacon of light and reflect Christ in all that she does.

Being a supporter of the vision and on one accord with the visionary of Galilee, she supports the vision of her husband, and together they continue to reach out to others and disciples of Christ by fasting, praying, and winning souls for the kingdom of God.  She is a worshiper and constantly employs the spirit of God in her life.  Her greatest desire is that God would use her as an instrument to His glory and to share the good news of Christ to others.

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